So I have been debating for a while if I really had the time or energy to devote to a blog.  Whether I have come to a valid conclusion remains to be seen, but I am to the point that I just want a place to put my thoughts down. The main purpose of this blog is to express my discontent I have with politicians and the current landscape of the politics in general. I’m bound to throw in some thoughts on sports, life, technology, and other such nonsense at no particular point in time, so just be aware.

About the Author Me:

Pushing thirty, living in the wonderfully ridiculous place known as our nations capital. Inside the Beltway and all. Federal contractor in IT. Witness first hand to the efficiency of the Federal Government [Sarcasm Off]. I have never been extremely passionate about politics, and never really followed the topic closely until I relocated here from Florida. Now it appears to be everywhere and there is no avoiding it. Even without cable. I don’t necessarily agree with the labels placed on me or my fellow Americans in an attempt to describe our “political beliefs.” We’re all Americans. Period. If it makes you feel better about yourself to label me as falling into the category of Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, then read a couple of my posts and I am certain the preconceived notions you have developed over your life span will allow you to place that label on me. Just so we are clear though, you will probably be wrong. The way I feel about one topic has no bearing what so ever on my feelings or beliefs on another. They are completely detached from one another.

About TheLiarsDen:

A place to put my thoughts on whatever it is I decide upon. As a wise man once said “I am the decider.”

However, please feel free to provide your thoughts, comments, suggestions, criticism or anything else in response to anything I write. You may not agree with what I write,  and to be honest, that is what I hope for. If so, tell me why, explain it to me, provide your own insight. I consider myself to have an open mind, so I may perhaps change my stance on something. If you want to debate something with me, debate with facts. Verifiable facts. Not something you heard on Dr. Phil or from a friend of your cousin’s friend. If you “hear it” then provide proof to back it up, I’ll consider it legit. If not, don’t waste my time. I will make every effort to provide the source of all information I post here and expect anyone leaving comments to do the same.